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In our world of instant communication and high-speed resources, the ability to seek a foreign language has become much more necessary. In truth, in today's global market, speaking the customer's language and understanding the cultural back-ground very often makes the difference. We have many years' experiences of helping companies work through communication and cultural barriers. The training we offer allows the participants to develop skills in their target language, working in the structure of the language as well as oral communication.

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Putalisadak , Kathmandu

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About Us

It is our pleasure to welcome you to Chiba Education Center (CEC). The language program is intended for student who wants basic growth of language skill for communicating with Japanese speaker on the areas of purpose. Expanding business, knowing all culture ties, studying and working in Japan as well as making tour... etc

Nepal and Japan share a lot of similarities in terms of culture, religion, and even in terms of sentiment. The Traditional culture of Nepal and Japan are closely linked together through the underground steam of history, which permeates both our cultures.

We have always and ever earned the pleasant relationships between us (Japan and Nepal) since 1902. Both of these countries have exchanged or shares diverse cultures identities visibly and diplomatically. Nepal has organized various fellowship programs and Seminars with the view to acknowledging its people concerning as intensified relationship between two countries. Many organizations or school have also seminars in regards of language, culture, technology and many more, the idea behind the program is to increase understanding and awareness among young students.