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First of all I would like to welcome you in our official website. With our establishment in 2004 AD, we are consistently providing educational services with the philosophy of ‘Quality for Excellence’. We are offering packaged services for study abroad aspirants from pre-enrollment to post study in destination counties. We have developed extensive networks and partnerships with quality educational services provider in many destination countries abroad. This will provide you various options to choose right course and provider as per your interest and background.

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Bibhuti, Janak Marg, New Baneshwor , Kathmandu


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About Us

Welcome to Kantipur International Open Education Pvt.Ltd. (Kantipur Education) we are serving people since 2004 AD with the aim to Provide Platform to pursue quality higher education globally for higher global opportunities. In accordance with our objectives we have set up strong foundation. Our foundation includes the philosophy on service delivery, learning friendly quality infrastructures and quality team involvement.
As quality delivery is our principle matter, we carefully choose the quality aspects from preparation to deliver level.

We are providing different services for students to study in quality international education provider. We prepare students to comply with requirements set by the education provider. We provide quality preparation classes on IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GMAT, GRE and HSK. We offer career counseling, admission counseling, admission processing, visa documentation guidance, Pre-departure briefings and post arrival services. Finding the right study path is very crucial aspect to students. This plays very vital role on shaping their life. Identification and selection of right career advisor is very important to make your decision to study abroad comprehensive.

Our open schooling programs enables people to pursue higher education and grab more opportunities. It helps people to bring in the mainstream of education and provide the ladder to higher/university education. We are delivering national and international open schooling courses for secondary and higher secondary level, which can be completed in short, span of time. Thousands of students have been benefited by our courses. The successful students from our institution are involved in many governmental authorities. They are holding very significant roles. Many of them has developed their further advance career in private and international arena as well.

We prepare our self as trusty Partner of aspiring student, who really seek good value for their life. Being part of Kantipur Education, you can fuel and grow to meet your aspirations of life.

Your decision for choosing to study in Australia is right because

  • Education system in Australia assures you quality educational delivery and it’s taken as prestigious degree around the globe.
  • Australia is welcoming multi-cultural society and it is safest country in the world
  • Government (ESOS Act) protects the investment of students for what they have paid.
  • Post-study work options
  • Native English Speaking country

Canada is willing to take any cultures and wants to make it their own. Its country of immigrants and immigration is their culture. So Canada welcomes every individual who wish to come to Canada for any purposes. Truly world is reflected in every cities in Canada. So it’s great opportunity to learn for students as per the dynamics of every corner of the world. Being competent in classroom environment of Canada is being competent in the globe. So your decision for choosing to study in Canada is rewarding for your career. And some points can be outlined as below.

Qualification is valued around the globe
Quality educational delivery
Multicultural society
Welcoming, Healthy and Safe Communities
Innovation and abundant research opportunities
Post Study Work and Immigration opportunities

China officially Peoples Republic of China (PRC) is emerging economic and political power in the world. It has done amazing development in recent decade in its overall aspect of the society. China is most populous country in the world having 1.35 billion populations. As the education is the key for the development of the society, it has been investing huge budget on education sector. Many universities in China are on high global rank, many of the universities are taking place in the high global rank due to its quality education system and focus of the government. As China has done amazing development on short span of time, education has played significant role on it. Many students from around the globe have started to come to study in China. The government of China is also encouraging international students to come to study in China. The government is offering plenty of scholarships to international students. They have also stated to offer the courses in English medium as well. China is most suitable destination for students who want to pursue quality higher education with moderate investment.

The Educational theme ‘Think New, New Zealand Education’ gives the impression with the innovation and creativity of the country. So is the educational system in New Zealand encourages to innovation and creativity in learning. So your decision for choosing to study in New Zealand is rewarding to your career goal.

The UK is a welcoming, diverse and popular destination for international students. You can confidently expect to receive world-class teaching and help you develop great skills for success in the global workforce.

Every year close to 500,000 students from 200 nations come to the UK to study at a school, college or university and 600,000 more come to do an English language course. Additionally over 500,000 international students each year take a UK qualification overseas – for example, online or at a UK overseas campus.

The UK has a long history of welcoming international students from around the globe. UK is the great place for teaching and learning. And with a reputation for academic excellence, it’s easy to see why so many international students choose a UK education. UK stands on first position on receiving international students among other countries. Flexible education system of the UK enables you to study in a way that suits your lifestyle and career aspirations. When you study in the UK you meet people from different nationalities, sharing their backgrounds and discovering new perspectives.